Alex Gray is a highly talented and experienced DJ who has been entertaining audiences for over 20 years. With a passion for music and a knowledge of different genres, Alex Gray knows how to get a crowd moving and keep them dancing all night long.

He began his DJ career at local clubs and events, quickly making a name for himself with his ability to read a crowd and seamlessly mix different tracks together. From there, he started performing at larger venues and events, and has since played at some of the most prestigious clubs and parties in Belgium such as: 

Culture Club (Gent) – Kokorico (Lievegem) – Chess Café (Gent) – Club Tijuana (Gent) – La Rocca (Lier) – Bocca (Destelbergen) – Club Rio (Nazareth) – Klub XIII (Gent) – Suikerrock (Tienen) – Zeverrock (Zevergem) – …

In addition to his skills as a DJ, Alex Gray is also a talented producer. Whether playing at a packed club or a high-profile event, Alex Gray brings an energy and excitement to his performances that keeps people coming back for more. With an extensive music library, he can cater to any crowd, and always knows how to keep the party going.

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